Performance is an everyday, continuous activity. What people want to know on an ongoing basis is how they are doing and whether they are progressing in the right direction.

Providing regular feedback on overall performance

The Snapshot enables a manager to provide their people with an overall indication of how they are doing at any time.  It can be given at milestone points in a project, when performance changes, when an employee requests it or when the manager simply wants to give feedback.  The assessment labels and icons can be customised  and managers can give as many snapshots throughout the period as they want.  Snapshots are recorded and tracked and provide employees with ongoing feedback on their overall progress which can be further discussed with their manager in the Catch up, in one-on-one meetings or in the annual review.
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Benefits of Regular Snapshots

  • Provides  feedback at regular intervals on overall performance against expectations.
  • Provides timely feedback on achievements as they occur.
  • Tracks progress towards the achievement of goals that can be discussed in the Catch up.
  • Builds an open, coaching relationship and develops expertise in giving, receiving and applying feedback

Leading the way in performance management thinking

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Easily configured to the way you want it to work and to the look, feel and layout you require
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Quick and easy to pick up and use.People 'get' it quickly
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People love using it because they quickly see the benefits it provides to them
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Psychology to encourage to use
Providing information through the system about what is working for others encourages widespread usage
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