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Career Planning and Development Goals

Creating learning environments in which employees can plan and acquire the blend of skills, experiences and learning necessary for success is one of  strongest drivers  of talent retention, productivity and organisational performance.

Planned Development

The format and layout of development goals can be customised to your requirements.  Career goals typically set out a longer time horizon and the development goals are set up as the current steps being taken towards them. 

 A description of the development need, its benefit to the individual and the organisation, the resources required and measures of success are all completed at the time the goal is set.  

Goals can be linked to external or internal learning resources or learning management systems and sent to the manager for approval via a link on the action tab in the same way as other goals.   Frequently used goals can be categorised and stored in the library and can be viewed, downloaded into individual development plans and edited as required.

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Benefits of a Learning and Development Culture

  • It attracts and retains the best talent, reducing recruitment and turnover costs.
  • Improves organisational performance.  McKinsey research has shown that the additional value that highly talented people add to an organisation is continuing to increase.
  • "Companies that practice a growth mind-set, create “designed growth” and stretch assignments, and openly discuss mistakes to promote learning are three times more profitable and have up to four times better retention than those that do not". - Deloitte Human Capital Trends report, 2018
  • Competition for the best talent continues to increase to the point where companies cannot rely on recruitment to obtain all their talent needs.  As the new skills and knowledge required for work continue to accelerate, growing and developing people internally has become a necessity.

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