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High Performing organisations are led by leaders who have a clear view of what success looks like and who understand the strategies required to deliver it.  These are energised organisations where performance really matters. 
The leadership of these organisations place a strong focus on people.  They ensure they have well developed people systems that make life as simple and as positive as possible.  Teamwork, flexibility and innovation are encouraged and well supported and they are frequently aligned by a simple organisation structure..  There is a focus on creating opportunities for people to develop world class skills.  Most importantly, they equip their people with the integrated suite of tools necessary to deliver the results that have been agreed and they empower them to use them. 
The Mariner7 tools connect people and enable them to easily exchange information, ideas and knowledge.  They provide clarity around what is expected and enable them to seek coaching, advice and feedback that will help them achieve their goals.  The tools are intuitive, quick and easy to use and include information about successes other people are having that encourage people to use them. They enable the responsibility for the delivery of results to be distributed and owned by each person. and the communication on progress and help required to be simple, frequent and regular.  

The toolkit

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Smart Start Onboarding

Make onboarding a strategic driver of your employee brand by engaging new starters with your culture and values from the day they start .

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Setting Goals 

Build a high performance culture by engaging people in the development of goals (KPIs, objectives) based on your business strategy,  tracking performance against them and owning their delivery.  Gallup research has found that companies engaging employees with KPIs are 22% more profitable. 

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Catch Ups 

Frequent, unrated online performance conversations between managers and their direct reports to help progress towards delivery of KPIs,  behaviours, values and development.  Either can initiate the conversation at any time.  Feedback from others inside or outside the organisation can be incorporated into the conversation.  They enable the manager to coach, develop and grow their people simply and easily without it being a major time burden.  These conversations can run as a stand-alone system, be converted into a rated review or be used in conjunction with a formal rated performance review.

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Performance Snapshots

An overall assessment of progress which can be given by a manager at any time throughout the year.  Typically given at significant points in projects, completion of tasks or other performance milestones.  They are recorded and changes are tracked.

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Receive formal and informal feedback and include it as part of the performance conversation. 

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Annual Review

Used in conjunction with catch ups, the rated review provides an objective process that confirms and rates performance in a "no-surprises" environment.

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