Working in Partnership

The product is only part of the story. Mariner7 will partner with you to maximise the value you get from the system. Guaranteed.

With you all the way

We believe our software will open up a whole new way of doing things for you. People pick it up easily, see how using it benefits them and are attracted to using it. It enables them to meet a  need they have long had but were unable to deliver on and creates a focus that releases enthusiasm and energy across the organisation.

But the key is about the way we help it work for you.  We set it up, tailor it to your needs, help you get started with objectives and job templates, train and engage your people and get it up and running quickly and smoothly.

We continue to partner with you as your experience with the software grows to ensure it meets your changing needs. We will provide new options, support and updates as your needs change over time so you continue to get the most out of it. Our focus is on delivering ongoing tailored solutions for clients, not just selling software.

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What our clients say

"Mariner7’s software is a very powerful performance management tool that is extremely user friendly and easy to learn from a user point of view. It has provided us with a platform for fair, objective performance measurement against an agreed set of criteria and measurements that can successfully link to other areas, such as remuneration".

"We have had fantastic service from Mariner7. The support and assistance they provide in growing the system to meet our needs is exceptional".

-  Kim Reade, former General Manager Human           Resources, Ricoh Australia

"The Mariner7 people are really responsive and easy to work with. Mariner7 has strengthened the link between performance and reward, and helps us figure what performance looks like and how to fairly value someone's output and behaviour. It has given us the consistency we wanted, and reinforces the company's values and strategies".

-  Heidi Parlane, former Head of People and                 Performance, Paymark

"I have been impressed with the way Mariner7 has responded to queries quickly. They are happy to come onsite to resolve any issues and meet with our people to resolve their problems".

-  Jodie Shelley, Chief People Officer, Two                 Degrees Mobile

"We have a high degree of trust in Mariner7. We have invested with them and established a good relationship. There have been no outages, the
product constantly delivers what we ask for, and Mariner7 has never failed to deliver on time, even though our deadlines are sometimes very tight. You
can’t ask for too much more from a partner than that.”

-  Chris Casanelia, former Manager, HR Services,       BNZ

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