Catch ups: Mariner7’s performance conversations

Frequent, focused, forward-looking coaching conversations that ensure people have what they need to be successful and grow

Catch ups that count!

Recent Gallup research shows that only about one in four employees "strongly agree" that their manager provides meaningful feedback to them -- or that the feedback they receive helps them do better work. Even more alarming is that a mere 21% of employees strongly agree that their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work.

The Catch up is the tool that gives managers the power to change this.  It makes it easy for frequent, online, feedback and coaching conversations about performance between manager and employee that either can initiate at any time.  Similar to a Facebook-style conversation, they are easy and quick.  Over time, employees take ownership of these conversations by leading and customising the discussions, sharing accountability, requesting feedback and discussing progress.  Giving and receiving feedback becomes an embedded  process for success.

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Adding real value with  Catch ups 

  • Establish expectations that are clear, collaborative and aligned with the organization's goals. Have collaborative discussions with employees that establish clear performance expectations and agree the key steps to getting there
  • Have frequent, focused and future-oriented coaching conversations.  
  • Ongoing conversations are ultimately about inspiring and energizing employees to help them see the future.  Providing feedback and coaching helps them develop a way to get there 
  • Hold people accountable for their results.  Be fair and objective in analysing results.  

Leading the way in performance management thinking

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Easily configured to the way you want it to work and to the look, feel and layout you require.
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Quick and easy to pick up and use.People 'get' it quickly
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People love using it because they quickly see the benefits it provides to them
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Psychology to encourage use
Providing information through the system about what is working for others encourages widespread usage
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