Goals that link people to organisations

If people understand how the achievement of their goals contributes to the success of the organisation they can set goals that have real context and meaning for them.  It follows that the chances of these goals being achieved are orders of magnitude higher.

Dynamic Goal Setting 

Today, as organisations increasingly operate  as networks of teams, the need to align goals and make goal setting an agile, collaborative and flexible process increases.  Goals are now dynamic and need to be reviewed and modified regularly throughout the year as the business environment changes.  Research by Bersin by Deloitte has shown that organisations that revise or review goals quarterly or more frequently are 3.5 times more likely to score in the top quartile of business performance.
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Goals that engage, excite and deliver!

  • If people understand how their role helps deliver  the business goals of the organisation their work has context as well as meaning.
  • Research shows that if managers then involve them in setting personal goals that contribute to the delivery of business goals, their commitment and achievement rate increases significantly.  
  • Regular discussion, coaching, collaboration and review of performance against goals improves delivery, grows individual capability and increases business performance.
  • Underpinning the whole process is the need for tools to enable it to happen.  Tools that enable the process to work the way you want it to, that make managing it easy, transparent and collaborative and that allow goal setting to be flexible and dynamic.

Leading the way in performance management thinking

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Easily configured to the way you want it to work and to the look, feel and layout you require.
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Quick and easy to pick up and use.  People 'get' it quickly
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People love using it because they quickly see the benefits it provides to them
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Psychology to encourage use
Providing information through the system about what is working for others encourages widespread usage.
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