Smart Start Onboarding

Gartner research in June 2018 has shown that it is now known how onboarding processes affect workforce engagement and retention.  Improving these  processes can directly impact the bottom line.  

Connecting new starters to your culture, values and vision

Mariner7's  onboarding module lets you customise your onboarding programme to provide new starters with an employee experience that really connects them with the culture, values and behaviours of your business  on an emotional as well as a rational level.   By showcasing the culture, values and the investment you are prepared to make to ensure they are successful, you form a relationship with them that engages them with your business from the moment they start.  Establishing this connection at the very beginning is an important first step to keeping them in your organisation.
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Creating the emotional connection

  • Gallup research shows that 70% of decision making is emotional and 30% is rational.
  • Making new employees feel emotionally connected to your culture, mission and vision from the moment they start directly impacts engagement.
  • Creating the emotional X factor makes people feel good about how they fit and how they will be able to contribute to something they resonate with.
  • An emotional connection helps new starters see and believe they will be able to achieve their personal and professional goals in your organisation.

Leading the way in performance management thinking

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Easily configured to the way you want it to work and to the look, feel and layout you require
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Quick and easy to pick up and use. People 'get' it quickly
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People love using it because they quickly see the benefits it provides to them
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Psychology to encourage use
Providing information through the system about what is working for others encourages widespread usage
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