Rated Reviews

Used in conjunction with catch ups, the rated review provides an objective process that confirms and rates performance in a "no-surprises" environment.

Using Catch ups and rated reviews together

Mariner7's unrated Catch ups provide opportunities for regular discussion, coaching and mentoring at a frequency that suits each manager-employee pair.  They build an open, informal, positive relationship focused around  performance against goals and personal development. 

Reviews  complement Catch ups by providing a more structured, detailed summary of performance and progress.  They provide a consistent approach to reviewing performance across the organisation that prevents the process being seen as a black box.

Rated reviews and Catch ups are both optional.  The frequency and date, rating scale, layout, additional fields and options of rated reviews can all be completely customised to your requirements.    

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The benefits of using a combination of catch ups and rated reviews

  • Without the objective measure of performance that a rating provides, employees  are not confident that decisions around performance, pay and promotions are objective and fair.  
  • The secret is using catch ups and rated reviews in tandem.
  • Regular, unrated catch ups throughout the year build a transparent, positive, coaching relationship between manager and employee. 
  • An annual rated review then provides an objective summary of these discussions in a "no surprises" environment.
  • Whilst any combination of catch ups and rated reviews is possible, Mariner7 have found that the optimal mix is catch ups for 11 months of the year and an annual rated review in the 12th month

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