Mariner7 - the groundbreaking NASA mission to Mars.

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A combination of technology, leading edge skills and a determination to succeed


We are named after the space probe Mariner7 which was launched on a mission to Mars by NASA back in 1969.

Mariner7 carried advanced computer technology that, for the first time, could be reprogrammed from earth in real time.  Data was able to be transmitted almost 2000 times faster than that of earlier Mariner missions. The objective was to provide surface images of much greater quality and quantity to give a more complete picture of the surface of Mars.  The end game was to to provide information that would enable future missions to determine if there was life on that planet's surface.

During its voyage to Mars, contact with Mariner7 was temporarily lost due to a battery failure. After a 7-hour silence, contact was restored, but it soon became evident that the instrument that directed the television cameras had been damaged and was no longer functioning. If the cameras could not be directed the mission would be a failure. With Mars fast approaching, a solution was needed quickly.

For the first time in the history of space exploration the system was reprogrammed from earth and Mariner7 cameras began relaying images of Mars. This restoration of the imaging system was a direct result of the leading edge skills developed by the mission operators and the flexibility of the technology they had available. The mission was a complete success.

Achieving breakthroughs on new frontiers transforms our capability. To successfully deliver them requires technology enabled tools, experience and knowledge and an absolute commitment to deliver what was promised. That is the Mariner7 mission.





Brian Shaw



Brian's early career was as a Group HR Manager and then General Manager with Alex Harvey Industries and Carter Holt Harvey both in New Zealand and overseas. He then spent 14 years with the international consulting firm PA Consulting Group, where his assignments covered many industries in many countries. He worked in the areas of performance improvement, strategy development and implementation and change management.

He leads the marketing, sales and commercial management functions of Mariner7.

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Lester Sharpe


Lester's early career was in the automotive component industry where he spent 17 years in a variety of senior sales, marketing and manufacturing positions. He then spent 14 years with PA Consulting Group developing and implementing performance improvement strategies for clients in the USA, Asia and New Zealand. He specialised in facilitated strategy development and implementation and in using problem solving tools to develop strategic options and solutions.