Making people love to use it!

Combining psychology, technology and system flexibility to drive creative use
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Using technology to share successes and inspire people at all levels


At Mariner7 our passion is about doing whatever we can to help organisations bring out the best in their people. 

This means that as well as focusing on the development of software that people want to use because it looks great, is intuitive and easy to use, we wanted to do more.  We wanted people to quickly "get" the value it would be to them as soon as they started using it.  Our design philosophy initially focused on removing barriers to allow the benefit to be seen but we quickly realised that the technology was not enough on its own to achieve our goal.  We combined social psychology research with the technology to encourage wider use and created software that can be be set up to work the way you want without expensive customisation.

Combining psychology and technology to encourage use

We drew on some consulting experience we had some years ago where we were able to change the behaviour of airline captains and medical specialists, both of who had complete autonomy over the decisions they made.  We found that providing them with information about what their peers were doing and the outcomes they were achieving that over time many of them modified their behaviour without any further influence or pressure. 

In Mariner7 we have built this capability into our software.  The purpose is to encourage people to use it by giving them information about progress and what is working for other people in their organisation.  By combining psychology with the technology, we have enabled Mariner7 to automatically determine who to send this information to.  We can then track and monitor their usage of the system and see how their usage of it increases.

The information is gathered and sent by you.  It is your story about what is happening in your organisation.  It can be updated whenever you want.  Success stories can also be sent to everyone from time to time to update them on the bigger picture and reinforce their use of the software. 

Providing information about ideas, successes and innovations engages and excites people and is a powerful tool in building a culture of success and achievement across all levels of your organisation. 

Flexibility, customisation and the ability to integrate with other best of breed HR software

Our other passion is building into our software the flexibility to make it look and work the way you want it to.  Mariner7 is designed to be tailored to the requirements of each part of your business. This means that if required, different business units can have different types of objectives and review structures, different review dates and different language to match their business requirements. Reporting can also be customised so you can track the performance of key people, teams or strategic initiatives.

Mariner7 can be integrated easily and seamlessly with the latest HR technologies to create your own customised suite of high performing HR tools!  Tools that work for you the way you want them to.  The "module for everything" integrated systems do not provide the best of breed for each module and they lack flexibility to customise easily .  But now you can pick and mix the modules you want and  add them when you want them, enabling you to create your own customised mix of software that suits your organisation best.

Removing the barriers, creating a friendly tool that people want to use, tailoring it to your organisation and making it possible for managers to coach are the critical ingredients required for people to perform differently.  It brings out the best in people and that is our "mission to Mars".