"Just as customer feedback has transformed the customer experience, employee feedback is transforming the employee experience". Josh Bersin

The Power of  Feedback

Leading high performance companies have built their new approach to performance management around continuous feedback between managers and employees.  It is central to the theme of the manager's role as a coach and it works because the desire for feedback is a strong human need.

The key is making the process of getting feedback simple.  In Mariner7 it is a simple drag and drop process for any employee to get feedback from anybody inside or outside the organisation.  The employee owns and controls who they gather the feedback from and who they share it with.

Feedback questions  and templates can be stored in the library and modified to suit the individual or  written from scratch.

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Benefits of Continuous Feedback

  • It provides a far broader spectrum of feedback from people that are in the best position to provide it - the network of team members that the person is working and interacting most closely with.
  • Because a large amount of work is done in teams and because the teams and their members change as tasks change, the relevant number of observations and perspectives increase. 
  • By sharing views positively it provides individuals with a far greater amount of information which they can use to learn, change and grow.  Many different perspectives make more things visible.
  • It creates greater self awareness and ownership of the personal growth process.
  • Feedback becomes a positive, helpful activity in the organisation that fuels innovation, helps solve problems and enables people to become better human beings.

Leading the way in performance management thinking

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