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Online performance conversations spark ideas and actions

By Brian Shaw - Apr 8, 2021


The continuing demand for new skills that technology has brought to today’s workplaces is not just about technical skills.  It is about enabling people to work together to combine and grow their collective skills to deliver things that really make a difference.  

Creating an environment of innovation, where people bring complementary knowledge, experience and skills to create new products, processes and approaches, requires tools.  The most powerful of these tools is the one that enables them to connect and interact quickly and easily across geographies through online conversation.  These conversations create connections that spark ideas and actions.  They multiply the value of an individual’s knowledge and skills by enabling them to be combined and complemented with those of others to create something bigger and more powerful than the sum of the individual parts.

Because this potential already exists within organisations, releasing it creates an enormous competitive advantage at very low cost.

Mariner7’s cloud based performance development system provides the performance conversation tool that allows you to capture this advantage:

  • A manager, can provide feedback to a team member at any time
  • A person can ask for feedback from anyone at any time
  • Apart from the Manager and the employee, others can be given access to specific parts of a person’s conversation to enable collaboration.
    For example, a quality control person with specialist knowledge can be given access to a section of an employee’s conversation so they can provide them with feedback and training on the quality of advice they are providing to customers.  This can be done without them having access to other more personal parts of the conversation the employee may having with their manager.
  • A manager can give a snapshot of overall performance to a person at any time
  • The conversation can be easily transformed into a rated review if required with a couple of mouse clicks
  • Formal performance reviews can be created and you can choose any combination of conversations and reviews you require. A popular combination is conversations for 11 months of the year and a formal review in the twelfth month
  • The manager can view the conversation at the same time as they are completing the review and can copy any parts of it they wish into the review

To find out how you can get greater leverage from the talent you already have go to Mariner7.com/Products



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