Case Studies

What Our Clients Say

"From a business perspective, the best thing it has provided has been transparency".

Jodie Shelley, Head of Talent Advice, Two Degrees Mobile

"…..I love the new system. It will be a long term godsend! I found it was really easy to step through without too much hand holding. I am just keen to get everyone moving!"

David Banfield, CEO, Methven Group

"Mariner 7 enables us to identify and report on who has or hasn’t got KPIs, and also on the 1 on 1 activity across the business, to ensure these critical meetings are happening. We want these to become habitual behaviours for our managers"

"Alignment of KPIs by cascading from manager to direct reports ensures that we are all headed in the same direction. There is real business focus."

"We are a values based organisation and the demonstration of values behaviours is important to us. We measure these as well in Mariner7. We weight KPIs and Values behaviours equally to achieve an overall performance rating for the year. This impacts both salary reviews and bonus payments"

Helen Roach, Director of Talent, Two Degrees Mobile